Chennai based manufacturer and supplier of silicone moulded/extruded parts like transparent/colored tubings, extruded profiles, silicone wires and cables, O rings, oil seals, gaskets, conductive electrodes, silicone rubberized roller, silicone corona treater sleeves, viton tubes, chords and other extruded profiles.
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Silicone Rubberized Rollers

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Silicone Rubberized Rollers

Sri Ganeshraam Enterprises silicone rubberized rollers are the ideal choice for peripheral decking of cylindrical shapes and roll on decorating of large flat or curved surface. We manufacture high quality of silicone-rubberized rollers that are used for various applications. Our silicone-rubberized rollers are best because we offer low compression set with good rebound and ozone resistance. Our silicon-rubberized rollers are manufactured in lubricity for improving release, reduced friction, wear and abrasion. Apart from silicon-rubberized rollers, we also manufacture fluoroelastomer rollers with the help of excellent machines and technology. These rollers contain outstanding compression set, oxidation and ozone resistance. Because of these features the rollers last for a long time.

Offset Printing Rolls, Flexo Printing Rolls, Roto Gravure Printing Rolls, Ultra Violet Printing Rolls: We, Sri Ganeshraam Enterprises, manufacture all these products by using latest technology and machinery. These products are easily available in reasonable price range. There is no need to search for these products because this is the right place for acquiring it.

  • Hardness: 30 degree to 80 degree Shore A

  • Available in various size and shapes

Silicone Rubber Hot Stamping Rollers:Silicone rubber hot stamping rollers are made of high quality material and used for various applications. Silicone rubber hot stamping rollers manufactured by us are made of 100% pure silicone material, which increases the life of stamping rollers.

  • Temperature resistivity: Upto 300 degree C

  • Available in various size

  • Hardness: 60 degree to 75 degree Shore A

Unique Features of Our Rubberized Rollers
  • Economical covering provides good chemical resistance and resists cuts and abrasion

  • Superior electrical properties that provides excellent resistance to heat, ozone and moisture

  • Non-stick surface releases tacky materials that can cause wrap-ups at high speed

  • Hard, non-porous surface resists pinholes and early failures, which has similar capacitance to rubber and epoxy

Rollers are Suitable for
  • Using in high volume treating operations using non-driven rollers

  • For bare roll applications and high volume corona treating operations

  • For harsh, high power corona treating operations and skip treating applications


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